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      Poultry House
      Poultry House

      Poultry House

      • Model NO.: Poultry House
      • Price:US $ 15.00-40.00 / square meters
      • Delivery:FOB
      • Min order:500 square meters
      • Accept Min order:No
      • Supply Ability:10000 square meters / Month
      • Country of Origin:China
      • Stock Time:30 Days

      Poultry Farm

      Our Poultry farm can be built with different methods:

      1. Closed Type ( with roof and wall panel cladding)

      2. Open Type (no wall or wire mesh&curtain for wall)

      3. It can be with different structure type,one is portal frame structure and another is roof truss structure.

      As long as you can have your own thoughts, we will help you to realize it.
      poultry farm is mainly used for broiler and layer chicken, you can choose free range or cage system with automatic quipment to breed.

      We can introduce our partner (the equipment supplier) to you, then we work together to provide more workable project for you.

      Inside Breed System

      1. Automatic pan feeding system
      2. Nipple drinking system
      3. Ventilation system
      4. Cooling pad system
      5. Heating system
      6. Environment control system