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      Fire Rated Sandwich Panel

      Fire Rated Sandwich Panel

      • Model NO.: Fire Rated Sandwich Panel
      • FOB Price:US $ 15.00-30.00 / square meters
      • FOB
      • Min order:500 square meters
      • Accept Min order:No
      • Supply Ability:10000 square meters / Month
      • Country of Origin:China
      • Stock Time:30 Days

      Glass wool fire rated sandwich panel consists of glass fiber and 2 layers of steel sheets. Glass wool fire rated sandwich panels are excellent choice for heat insulated roof and wall cladding of industrial and commercial buildings.

      Product Parameter of Glass wool fire rated sandwich panel


      Materiala) Surface/base plate material:
      Prepainted galvanized steel sheet
      Galvanized steel sheet
      Galvalume steel sheet
      b) Core material: Fiber Glass/Glass Wool
      Thicknessa) Thickness of Surface/base plate: 0.12mm-3.0mm
      b) Thickness of Core: 50/75/100/125/150/200 mm
      Core Density40-60kg/m2
      Effective WidthFor Roof: 960mm, 980mm
      For Wall: 950mm

      Characteristics of Glass wool fire rated sandwich panel

      ?Heat insulation capability.
      The heat insulation capability of the Glass wool fire rated sandwich panel depends on the specifications of the filling material.

      ?Good fire performance.
      Glass wool fire rated sandwich panel is fire rating of non-combustible A grade. Its shape, strength and material are hard to be changed in the fire, it can protects your valuable life and properties.

      ?Sound insulation and Sound absorption capability.

      Sound insulation is a physical value what shows the rate of sound energy decrease on the one side of a surface (e.g. wall or roof cladding), while the noise source is on the other side.

      Sound absorption values of panels can be increased by applying perforated internal armouring and mineral wool insulation core.